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John Rothrock, President 

Bill Wilson, Vice President

Garry Metcalf, Secretary-Treasurer 

Bill McKinley, Board Member 

Charles Green, Board Member




Bill McKinley, President 

Dan Woellhof, Vice President 

Don Bassett, Secretary 

Dan Woellhof, Treasurer 

Garry Metcalf, Board Member




Ralph Lewis, President

Paul Taylor, Vice President 

Dannie Cummings, Secretary

Evelyn VanKemseke, Past President





Charles Rogers, President 

Earl Carlson, Vice President (2) 

Carol Estes, Secretary 

Gary Wurdack, Treasurer






David VanSickle, President 

Carlos Salazar, Vice President 

Clark Rusco, Secretary 

Tom Mulinazzi, Treasurer 

Gary Wurdack, Past President 




Linda Voss, President 

James Tobaben, Vice President

Larry Settle, Secretary 

Mark Borst, Treasurer 

Tom Mulinazzi, Past President




Mark Borst, President 

Graham Montgomery, Vice Pres.

David Northup, Secretary 

Nelda Johnston, Treasurer 

Larry Settle, Past President




Nelda Buckley, President

Bruce James, Vice President 

David Woosley, Secretary 

Chuck Williams, Treasurer 

David Northup, Past President 




Chuck Williams, President 

Robert Stokes, Vice President 

Ian M. Mose, Secretary (6) 

David Church, Treasurer 

David Woosley, Past President


2001- 2002  


Steve Schooley, President 

Bob Hanson, Vice President 

Chuck Heinz, Secretary 

James Stanek, Treasurer 

David Church, Past President 




James Stanek, President 

Gene Ingwerson, Vice President 

Lee Holmes, Secretary

Mike McKenna, Treasurer

Chuck Heinz, Past President




Mike McKenna, President

Tim Weeks, Vice President 

Jeff Henry, Secretary

Jay Meador, Treasurer

Rob Ott, Past President




Jay Meador, President 

Nathan Bergman, Vice President

Randy Barth, Secretary

Steven A. Buckley, Treasurer

Jeff Henry, Past President

John Hightower, Ad Hoc - IMSA




Steven A. Buckley, President

Peter Clark, Vice President

Kurt Rotering, Secretary

Dave McDonald, Treasurer

Randy Barth, Past President

John Hightower, Ad Hoc - IMSA


Dave McDonald, President

Garry Olson, Vice President

Brian Coon, Secretary

Sara Peters, Treasurer

Kurt Rotering, Past President

John Hightower, Ad Hoc - IMSA



Garry Metcalf, President 

Bill Wilson, Vice President 

Bill McKinley, Secretary 

Fred Terry, Treasurer

John Rothrock, Board Member




Dan Woellhof, President 

Evelyn VanKemseke, Vice President 

Mike Donnelly, Secretary (1) 

Ralph Lewis, Treasurer 

Bill McKinley, Past President




Paul Taylor, President 

Dannie Cummings, Vice President 

Charles Rogers, Secretary 

Earl Carlson, Treasurer 

Ralph Lewis, Past President




Carol Estes, President 

Gary Wurdack, Vice President 

David VanSickle, Secretary 

Linn Blankinship, Treasurer (3) 

Carlos Salazar, Treasurer (4)

Charles Rogers, Past President




Clark Rusco, President 

Tom Mulinazzi, Vice President 

Barry Rolle, Secretary 

Linda Voss, Treasurer

Carlos Salazar, Past President 




James Tobaben, President 

Larry Settle, Vice President 

Mark Borst, Secretary 

Graham Montgomery, Treasurer

Linda Voss, Past President




Graham Montgomery, President

David Northup, Vice President 

Nelda Johnston, Secretary 

Bruce James, Treasurer 

Mark Borst, Past President




Bruce James, President 

David Woosley, Vice President

Chuck Williams, Secretary 

Robert Stokes, Treasurer 

Nelda Buckley, Past President


1999- 2000   


Robert Stokes, President 

David Church, Vice President 

Steve Schooley, Secretary 

Bob Hanson, Treasurer 

Chuck Williams, Past President 


2002- 2003 


Bob Hanson, President 

Chuck Heinz, Vice President

James Stanek, Secretary

Gene Ingwerson, Treasurer

Steve Schooley, Past President




Gene Ingwerson, President

Lee Holmes, Vice President (7) 

Mike McKenna, Secretary

Tim Weeks, Treasurer

James Sanek, Past President




Tim Weeks, President 

Jeff Henry, Vice President

Jay Meador, Secretary

Nathan Bergman, Treasurer

Mike McKenna, Past President




Nathan Bergman, President

Randy Barth, Vice President

Steven A. Buckley, Secretary

Peter Clark, Treasurer

Jay Meador, Past President

John Hightower, Ad Hoc - IMSA




Peter Clark, President

Kurt Rotering, Vice President

Dave McDonald, Secretary

Garry Olson, Treasurer

Steven A. Buckley, Past President

John Hightower, Ad Hoc - IMSA


Garry Olson, President

Brian Coon, Vice President

Sara Peters, Secretary

Mike Searle, Treasurer

Dave McDonald, Past President

John Hightower, Ad Hoc - IMSA

Kurt Rotering, Ad Hoc - Webmaster



Bill Wilson, President

Bill McKinley, Vice President 

Don Bassett, Secretary 

Dan Woellhof, Treasurer 

Garry Metcalf, Board Member




Evelyn VanKemseke, President 

Ralph Lewis, Vice President 

Paul Taylor, Secretary 

Dannie Cummings, Treasurer 

Dan Woellhof, Past President




Dannie Cummings, President 

Charles Rogers, Vice President 

Earl Carlson, Secretary 

Carol Estes, Treasurer 

Paul Taylor, Past President 




Gary Wurdack, President 

David VanSickle, Vice President 

Carlos Salazar, Secretary 

Clark Rusco, Treasurer 

Carol Estes, Past President





Tom Mulinazzi, President 

Barry Rolle, Vice President (5) 

Linda Voss, Secretary 

James Tobaben, Treasurer 

Clark Rusco, Past President




Larry Settle, President 

Mark Borst, Vice President 

Graham Montgomery, Secretary

David Northup, Treasurer

James Tobaben, Past President 




David Northup, President 

Nelda Buckley, Vice President 

Bruce James, Secretary 

David Woosley, Treasurer 

Graham Montgomery, Past President




David Woosley, President 

Chuck Williams, Vice President

Robert Stokes, Secretary 

Ian M. Mose, Treasurer 

Bruce James, Past President 


2000- 2001 


David Church, President 

Steve Schooley, Vice President 

Bob Hanson, Secretary 

Chuck Heinz, Treasurer 

Robert Stokes, Past President




Chuck Heinz, President 

James Stanek, Vice President 

Gene Ingwerson, Secretary

Lee Holmes, Treasurer

Bob Hanson, Past President




Rob Ott, President 

Mike McKenna, Vice President 

Tim Weeks, Secretary

Jeff Henry, Treasurer

Gene Ingwerson, Past President




Jeff Henry, President 

Jay Meador, Vice President 

Nathan Bergman, Secretary

Randy Barth, Treasurer

Tim Weeks, Past President




Randy Barth, President

Steven A. Buckley, Vice President

Peter Clark, Secretary

Kurt Rotering, Treasurer

Nathan Bergman, Past President

John Hightower, Ad Hoc - IMSA




Kurt Rotering, President

Dave McDonald, Vice President

Garry Olson, Secretary

Brian Coon, Treasurer

Peter Clark, Past President

John Hightower, Ad Hoc - IMSA


Brian Coon, President

Sara Peters, Vice President

Mike Searle, Secretary

Sally Mayer, Treasurer

Garry Olson, Past President

John Hightower, Ad Hoc - IMSA

Kurt Rotering, Ad Hoc - Webmaster

(1) Resigned 11-77 (moved out of state), replaced by Charles Green 

(2) Could not become President 1983-84; 

(3) Resigned 12-9-83;

(4) Appointed 12-14-83 

(5) Resigned 5-89 (moved out of state)

(6) Resigned 6-17-99

(7) Resigned 10-5-05 replaced with Rob Ott

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